audriga is an award-winning, Karlsruhe-based IT-company, specialized in data migration and data portability. We do support users of email, groupware, or online storage services in switching between cloud service providers. We also support major telecommunications and hosting companies in large scale data migration projects and with onboarding new customers.

Open positions

At audriga, we follow a task- and competency-based approach in contrast to classical "job positions". We encourage an interdisciplinary mindset - combining technical, business, communication, and design skills.

We're also not stuck to certain modes of employment but appreciate the applications of full-time employees, students and interns. We are also happy to discuss student thesis projects of any kind.

All we expect is experience or strong interest in some of our core competencies listed below. If you would like to join our team, do not hesitate to apply.

If you prefer classical job advertisements, you may also use the following positions as a guideline:

We're constantly searching new team members in the following areas:
  • IT project management in international data migration projects (Job description)
  • Cloud-based migration service development and operation (Java) (Job description)
  • Technical customer support and documentation (cloud service migration) (Job description)
Besides, we're currently seeking to fill the following special position:
  • Business Development (Working students/interns) (Job description)
  • Cloud DevOps (Java/Linux) (Working students/interns) (Job description)
  • Socialn Media, Support and Wiki (Working students/interns) (Job description)
  • Student in IT-Law or economics (Data portability / vendor lock-in) (Contact us for details)

Note our FAQ section below, where we describe typical project settings and our daily work.

Student thesis topics

As a spin-off from KIT/FZI, audriga has tight relationships to many research and education partners in Karlsruhe and in other cities. We’ve experience in supervising bachelor and master students with topics that are both relevant and challenging from a practical and a research perspective.

Get in touch with us for information about available topics. We’re also happy to discuss your own topic ideas if they fit into our competencies (see below).


We offer paid internships in all areas of our business. Just send your application or get in touch for further information.


The following list of topics and products gives a rough impression about what we’re dealing with in our daily business. If you have a background or strong interest in one of these topics, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Business and economic concepts

  • Management: Project management, product management, key-account management, market analysis, sales management, internationalization
  • Customer lifecycle: Customer self-care, service design, service marketing, SaaS, churn, customer activation, data portability, vendor lock-in
  • Internet marketing: SEO, Google Adwords, cloud marketplaces
  • Channel: distribution, reselling, white-labeling, mass-customization

Technical concepts

  • Data migration: data portability, data mapping, semantic technologies, synchronization
  • Messaging: Email/IMAP (Dovecot, Courier, Cyrus Postfix, SMTP, Sieve), Sieve, EMail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Groupware: Systems and services (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, Open-Xchange, Zimbra, Zarafa), groupware data (contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, settings, rules), Groupware technologies and standards (CardDAV, CalDAV, vCard, Access control/ACLs, Personal information management, time zones)
  • Directory services: LDAP, Active Directory, Provisioning
  • Web hosting: PHP/mySQL, WordPress, Control panels (Plesk; cPanel), Domain names, DNS
  • Online storage: Services (Dropbox, Google Drive), Software (SharePoint, ownCloud), Standards (WebDAV)
  • Cloud services/SaaS: IaaS (AWS, Azure, OpenStack), scalability, service design patterns
  • Software development: Java, GWT, Data modeling, UML, Modularity, APIs, Web services, JSON, REST, Design patterns, Testing, QM
  • System administration: DevOps, Linux, Ubuntu, Shell scripting, PowerShell, Networking (HTTP, SSL, TCP/IP), monitoring, metrics, statistics

Communication concepts

  • Customer support: Live-chat, phone support, social media
  • Documentation: Wikis, Semantic MediaWiki, Corporate Wiki, screencasts, technical documentation, I18n
  • Design: Service design, information design, information architecture, user interface design, architectural theory, modularity, knowledge management
  • Language and culture: english, french, spanish, italian, dutch, russian, polish, swedish, chinese, korean, japanese

Addtional information


What makes a good application?

We especially appreciate applications which line out a clear relationship between your skills and interests some of our competencies listed above.

What are typical customer projects at audriga?

While many of our customers use our cloud-based self-service groupware migration tool without any support, we do assist larger customers planning, preparing and monitoring their migration. In larger migration projects with telcos or hosting companies, we work together with customer teams over several months to provide a smooth and seamless migration experience for their customers.

What are typical project management tasks at audriga?

In larger projects, we’re in frequent contact with customers and other technical partners by email, phone conferences and meetings at the customer site. Project work consists of designing and monitoring migration processes and in coordinating the work of our development teams.

What are typical software development tasks at audriga?

A typical task is the implementation of a connector for a specific groupware system. This includes understanding the system’s specific API and writing code to exchange data such as contacts, calendars, or tasks with our migration platform. This requires a good understanding of the underlying data model and skills to write robust and scalable code.

What are typical support tasks at audriga?

Most support tasks require answering customer request on our service features, pricing or dealing with special requirements.

Where is audriga located?

Our office is located in Karlsruhe Oststadt, close to the KIT main campus and just across the street from Schloss Gottesaue.

Why are your job offerings primarily in English language?

Although we are based in Germany, many of our projects involve customers from around the world. Therefore, our team members need to have good English language skills. To stress this fact, also our job openings are published in English.