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Press Release (30.03.2017)
New web-based assistant simplifies configuration for email clients for end users
Press Release (12.03.2013)
audriga launches migration service for Microsoft Exchange
Press Release (14.11.2012)
New cloud service allows for easy migration of groupware data to Open-Xchange
Press Release (08.11.2012)
E-mail transfer with Hostpoint: there’s no easier way
Press Release (09.10.2012)
audriga voted among the top three European cloud startups at EuroCloud Congress
Press Release (10.05.2012)
audriga enables the migration of email accounts to Host Europe
Press Release (02.03.2012)
audriga launches easy-to-use SaaS migration service for email accounts
KIT Press Release 029/2012 (24.02.2012)
CeBIT: Strategies for Trustable Hybrid Cloud Computing

Press coverage

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ADMIN Magazine (01.10.2013)
MS Exchange to Open-Xchange Migration Service
TechWeek Europe (13.02.2013)
CeBIT 2013 Video: One Minute With Hans-Jörg Happel From Audriga
CloudTweaks (23.11.2013)
Top 25 European Rising Stars 2012: Audriga
Structure Research (18.11.2012)
audriga supports Open-Xchange; adds HostPoint (16.11.2012)
audriga launches data migration service at Open-Xchange Summit
The HostingNews (09.11.2012)
Hostpoint Adds Automatic Email Migration (17.09.2012)
EuroCloud Europe Award Nominees
Structure Research (26.06.2012)
audriga solves problem that hosters need to solve
eco - Association of the German Internet Industry (24.05.2012)
EuroCloud Deutschland Awards Honor Companies in Four Categories
451 Research Insight (13.05.2012)
audriga signs up Host Europe and United Internet puts out Q1 numbers (13.05.2012)
Host Europe offers e-mail transfer service in Germany
451 Research Insight (30.04.2012)
audriga looks to ease the pain of cloud migration for hosting customers
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