This page describes the scenario where you migrate email accounts belonging to a domain.

We recommend you migrate the email accounts using our self-service email migration tooling before you transfer the related domain from the old to the new provider: Email migration/With domain name transfer/Email migration first

In case that process is not feasible for you, please follow our guide describing how to transfer the domain first and emails afterwards: Email migration/With domain name transfer/Domain transfer first

Note: In order to run a direct migration, both - source and destination account - need to be accessible during the migration.

Advanced topics

Large migration

  • For any migration >500 mailboxes, we recommend you shortly discuss your migration plan with us. See also assisted migration.

On premise servers

  • In case the migration source or destination is an "on premise" server (in contrast to a service-provider hosted system), we recommend that you shortly discuss your migration plan with us
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