The following providers are supported by the audriga migration service with the given limitations*:

Note: The provider list of our application contains many more providers, for which no additional notes are given.


  • IONOS Mail Basic mailboxes have a default size of 2 GB. You might need to upgrade storage if your source account is larger.
  • When transferring a domain from IONOS to another provider or between two IONOS contracts, IONOS will automatically rename the login name of the mailboxes. You can look up those change login names in the IONOS Control Center (see also [1]).


  • limited to 4 GB (Mail) bzw. 16 GB (MangedExchange) storage space per mailbox
  • attachments up to 100 MB


  • limited to 500 MB (Basic), 2,5 GB (Plus) resp. 1 GB** (Power) storage space
  • attachments up to 100 MB (Empfang), 20 MB (Versenden Basic) and 60 MB (Versenden Plus und Power)


  • limited to 1 GB / 1,5 GB (FreeMail), 5 GB (ProMail) resp. 10 GB* (TopMail) storage space
  • attachments up to 20 MB (FreeMail), 50 MB (ProMail) and 100 MB (TopMail)
  • number of personal folders limited to 20 (FreeMail), 100 (ProMail) resp. 256 (TopMail)
  • folder hierarchy may not exceed three levels


  • Please check the feature set of your GoDaddy mailbox. Some packages only allow access by Webmail. Such mailboxes can not be accessed by our service without an upgrade.

Google Mail (Gmail) / G Suite

  • Google may reject extraordinary login attempts, even if you provided the correct credentials
    • The best way to circumvent this, is to create a so called application-specific password for our service. When submitting the Google account for migration, you can then use this password.
    • In some cases, Google may ask you to approve access to your account from an IP address in Ireland. Please approve this as the IP address is used by the email migration service or allow less secure apps to access your account.
  • Attachments up to 25 MB
  • IMAP may need to be manually activated: Instruction
  • Google Mail allows for ca. 2 GB mail traffic per day. Beyond this limit, an account may be blocked for 24 hours. While our service respects this limit (which results in a slower migration) we can not completely rule out problems. You should not access your Google Mail account with other devices during the migration process (e.g., mobile phone synchronization or other email clients).
  • Since Gogle Mail is restricted to one connection and the 2 GB traffic limit per day, the migration of large accounts may take considerable time.
  • Please not that emails that have no label assigned ("Archive") will not be migrated. Please assign a label to those mails before starting a migration. You can find all unlabled emails by searching for "has:nouserlabels" in Gmail.

  • When migrating greenBusiness email accounts (Microsoft Exchange) you have to enable IMAP access (Guide)
  • Only emails will be migrated automatically - please contact the support, if you also like to migrate contacts and calendars


  • attachments up to 100 MB (also known as Hotmail/

  • Limited to 28 folders (inlcludes existing default folders)

T-Online Mail

  • limited to 1 GB storage space per mailbox
  • attachments up to 32 MB (Sending) and 50 MB (Receiving)
  • limited to 30 folders
  • folder hierarchy may not exceed three levels

  • limited to 12 MB / 1 GB (FreeMail) resp. unrestricted (ClubMail) storage space
  • attachments up to 4 MB (FreeMail) und 50 MB (ClubMail)
  • number of personal folders limited to 40 (FreeMail) resp. 256 (ClubMail)
  • folder hierarchy may not exceed one level

Yahoo! Mail

  • attachments up to 25 MB
* Information is subject to change by the respective providers. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.
** Limit of the starting volume of the rate which implies that the audriga migration service can not transfer further emails