We offer solutions for any scale of migration - from a single online storage account to multiple millions of accounts.

For any migration of less than 10 accounts, you may directly use our self-service migration. If migrating more, we recommend to get in touch with us to shortly discuss your scenario (see assisted migration).

For migrating online storage platforms with thousands of accounts, please see platform migration.

Self-service migration

Assisted migration

Platform migration

Supported systems and services

Our online-storage migration service supports most popular online storage vendors, including Dropbox, Google Drive, HiDrive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Besides, we can support online systems offering standard APIs such as (S)FTP or WebDAV.

We do also support files stored within groupware systems such as CommuniGate, Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Zimbra, and others.

Finally, we may support any online storage system using a custom-developed connector.

For hosters and ISPs

We offer white-labeled versions of our migration service which allows service providers to easily onboard customers.

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