This page discusses larger platform migration projects involving several thousand up to several millions of accounts. Platform migrations are usually driven by the service provider resp. platform operator.

This is to be distinguished from user-driven migrations, in which individual users resp. customers decide to switch from one platform/provider to another. User-driven migrations typically rather span from 1 to a few hundred accounts and are done using our self-service migration approach.


Reasons for platform migrations

The lifetime of a typical messaging or online storage platform ranges from 10 to 15 years. After or during that time, a service provider needs to either upgrade the platform to a new version (e.g., Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019) or the replace the platform with another vendor's solution (e.g., Exchange to Zimbra). Besides that, service providers might choose to consolidate multiple platforms onto a new or existing one.

Particularly switching to another vendor's solution will usually require the service provider to migrate their user's data from the old platform to the new platform. Since users are mostly forced to move to the new platform, the service provider should ensure a seamless user switch.

Platform migration approaches

Three general strategies can be considered for carrying out a platform migration:

  • Due to the large volumes of data, platform migrations will often involve copying low-level database or file-system data.
  • If the source or destination system does not allow for low-level access (as in many cloud-based environments), a migration can be carried out using standard APIs
  • A platform migration might be pursued by customers users one-by-one over time using our self-service migration tooling - either by customers opting-in or by support agents acting on behalf of the customer

Reasons for choosing audriga

audriga is the market-leading company for large scale messaging and online storage platform migrations.

Unmatched experience
audriga has successfully completed dozens of large platform migration projects - up to multiple millions of accounts (see also Platform migration/Experience)
Migration technology
audriga maintains a highly-scalable and extensible migration platform (see also below)
audriga can support all three platform migration approaches lined out above
Process knowledge
Beyond technical challenges, audriga can also provide advice for organizational aspects of platform migrations
German quality
audriga delivers superior-quality migration results with high customer satisfaction - on time
Trusted partner
audriga is trusted by the German administration, many renowned institutions, major ISPs and telecommunication providers

General approach

Our standard migration approach start with an analysis and testing phase. Once the migration process is well defined and tested, the live migration phase can start. It typically consists of a presync and a user switch phase. See Platform migration/Phases for a more detailed discussion.


audriga migration framework (AMF)

Custom connectors

General features

Seamless user switch
Copy most data to destination platform
Password migration

Types of platforms supported

audriga has ready-to-use solutions and recipes for the migration of:

  • Messaging platforms
  • Online storage platforms

Other platforms might be covered as well, e.g., by means of custom connectors:

  • Email archive platforms
  • Address book, calendar, tasks or notes platforms
  • Foto or video storage platforms
  • CRM systems
Success stories
  • Switching hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders onto a new platform
  • Migrating the online storage of several hundred thousand users

See also Platform migration/Experience

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