This page describes our groupware migration solutions. In the following, we distinguish self-service, assisted, and platform migrations - based on the complexity and scale of your migration needs.

With "groupware" we refer to business email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, which contain not just emails, but also address books, calendars, tasks, notes, settings, and in some cases also files.

Self-service migration

  • You can use our self-service migration tooling instantly - 24h a day, 7 days a week (see also Migrate now)
  • Before starting, we recommend you to review our groupware migration process - especially if you have not used our service before

Assisted migration

  • For larger migrations (>500 mailboxes) or migrations with special requirements, we offer and recommend an assisted migration

Platform migration


Supported providers and servers

Additional systems such as Apple iOS Server, Atmail, eGroupware, IceWarp, MDaemon, SmarterMail, SoGo, Tobit, Kolab or other can be migrated via CardDAV/CalDAV.[10][4][4]

Besides particular groupware systems listed above, we also have experience with migrating messaging platforms such as CriticalPath, Oracle Communications Suite and Openwave and with Webmailers such as Horde or Roundcube.

For hosters and ISPs

We offer white-labeled versions of our migration service which allows service providers to easily onboard customers.

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  2. Notes might be supported upon request
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