Prices per account

In our self-service migration, we use a per-account price model.

Number of accounts Net price Gross price
1-49 10,00 EUR 11,90 EUR
50-99 9,50 EUR 11,31 EUR
>=100 9,00 EUR 10,71 EUR

For email and groupware migrations, pricing is limited to an average mailbox size of 25 GB in average and a maximum size of 50 GB for a single mailbox.

For online storage migrations, pricing is limited to an average account size of 50 GB in average and a maximum size of 100 GB for a single account.

Contact us in case you exceed those limits.

Free test migrations

  • You can choose a free test migration option in our self-service migration tool which will only migrate data of the last 10 days
  • If you plan to migrate >50 accounts, contact us to receive free test migration vouchers

Payment options

  • You can pay directly using Paypal in our self-service migration web interface
  • You can order voucher codes on account using our order form
  • You may obtain voucher codes from cooperating partners

Volume discounts are currently not applied when paying via Paypal.

Additional support

  • Additional support may be booked on a per-hour basis. See assisted migration for more details; resp. get in touch with us.

For hosters and ISPs

Hosters and ISPs may use our self-service migration tooling to onboard new customers. Custom pricing is available for the scenarios.

Learn more

Platform migration

Different pricing models apply when we support you migrating complete messaging or online storage platforms.

Learn more

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