From a single mailbox to millions of accounts

audriga is a leading provider of data migration solutions. Our tool portfolio can serve any migration scenario - from a single mailbox to multiple millions of accounts:

  • Self-service migration, which allows end users and support staff to transfer user accounts
  • Platform migration, which allows to seamlessly switch millions of users from legacy platforms into new environments
Any kind of data

With roots in email migration, audriga supports the migration of various kinds of structured and unstructured user data:

  • Emails and related settings (e.g., filter rules, out of office, signatures)
  • PIM and groupware data, including address books, calendars, tasks, notes, and settings.
  • Files, including permissions and metadata

Additional types of data can be migrated as well, if required.

Any kind of system

We support data import and export for most messaging, groupware, and online storage systems on the market.

Additional connectors can be realized to easily read or write data to custom APIs, databases or file-based data. Based on that, also related types of software such as address book services, calendar systems, CRM systems, foto sharing platforms, or todo management services can be supported.

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