If you want to migrate 1-500 accounts, you can use our self-service migration tools - at any time - 24/7. For any larger number, we recommend to discuss you migration plan with us, so that we can help you ensure a smooth migration.

audriga self-service migration is a software-as-a-service solution and does not require any software installation. For larger projects, we can support an installation of our software on your servers (see assisted migration and platform migration).

Migrate now

  • Proceed to Migrate now for starting a self-service migration

Additional information

Detailed guidance is available for the following migration scenarios:

Email migration

  • If you migrate email accounts including all emails and folders, see Email migration

Groupware migration

  • If you migrate business email accounts including address books, calendars, and tasks, please refer to Groupware migration

Online storage migration


See Pricing

Support options

See Support

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