Moves your data in the cloud

We transfer all your data such as emails, contacts, and calendars between different providers with our easy to use, secure, fast, and reliable SaaS migration platform. Our service is available at or via Host Europe and further partners.

Browser-based - no software installation, no tedious configuration
Migration time is significantly reduced due to parallel migration of multiple mailboxes
Reduce your downtime by choosing an appropriate time slot for your migration
We protect your data and comply with European data privacy standards
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Univention Summit on January 30th and 31rd in Bremen, Germany

CalConnect XLIV from February 4th till 8th in Zurich, Switzerland

CloudFest (WHD), from March 23rd till 29th in Rust, Germany

Open-Xchange Summit on April 10th/11th Loisville, KY

Leading providers use the audriga migration service:

Deusche TelekomHostpointHost EuropeOpen-XchangeJimdoDogado