This page describes the process for a self-service email migration between two mailboxes which use different domain names (e.g., from to

This migration scenario is common, if you migrate from a freemail or ISP email account to another freemail account or to an email account with an own domain name.

Migration process

Create destination mailbox at new provider

In order to switch your email provider, you'll need to create a new, empty mailbox at your destination provider - just as you need new rooms when you move out of your existing home.

Once you signed up for a new mailbox, note down the email address, the login name (which might be the same as the email address) and the password.

Set up email forwarding from your old account

Since you won't transfer the domain name of your old account, emails sent to your old email address might still arrive at your old provider. To receive such emails, most providers allow you to set up a so called "email forwarding", which allows you to forward those emails to your new email address.

Migrate emails from your old mailbox into your new mailbox

You can now copy the existing emails from your old email account into your new account.

Please have the following information for both - source and destination account - at hand:

  • Name of the provider[1] and name of your email product[2]
  • You're now ready to migrate your data - visit Migrate now

Configure your email client applications

You can send and receive email with your new email account either using the webmail interface offered by your new provider, or by using an email client application.


While you can configure your email client application at any time after your new email account is available, we recommend that you do so only after the email migration has finished.[3]


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