New web-based assistant simplifies configuration for email clients for end users

Rust/Karlsruhe, March 30th, 2017. audriga, a leading provider of email migration services, announced a new email client configuration assistant at WorldHostingHosting Days, one of the major trade fairs for the cloud and web hosting industry. The solution is targeted at email service providers that want to help their customers to setup their email clients during service onboarding.

Issues during email program configuration are a constant source of frustration for end users and one of the major topics in customer support. To set up their email client, users need to look up their configuration settings and then apply them with the help of a guide from their service provider. These guides, however, are often incomplete and outdated, since the major email applications are frequently updated.

Interactive, personalized guides in high quality

The new configuration assistant by audriga solves many of these problems. Its core are interactive, screenshot-based guides, which leads users through the configuration process. These guides are provided in high quality in multiple language versions and for each email client supported. Besides that, guides can be personalized for each individual customer by dynamically embedding provider and customer settings.

Automated setup for iPhone, Apple Mail and Outlook

The configuration of Apple devices and email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird is particularly easy. Here, it’s sufficient to download a single configuration file (Apple) or to follow a simplified setup dialog (Outlook/Thunderbird). audriga’s solution supports all relevant automatic configuration standards. Besides that, existing autodiscover services can be integrated, for example to enable autoconfiguration in hybrid “split-domain” setups.

White-label offering for email service providers

The configuration assistant can be used as “documentation-as-a-service” without any software installation required. Alternatively, service providers can deploy the solution in their own datacenter. The guides can be easily embedded into existing customer documentation and support processes in multiple ways. It’s also possible to adapt the visual appearance to custom design style guides.

Complete onboarding support for switching email providers

The new solution complements the existing audriga email migration service, which is already used by various service providers around the world. Customers switching their email provider can now be supported during the full onboarding process, from transferring their data from their old provider to re-configuring their email programs.

About audriga

audriga is a globally recognized expert in email, groupware, and storage migration. We support hosters and telcos of all sizes with white-label self-service customer onboarding and large-scale multimillion account platform migrations. audriga can migrate nearly any kind of data such as files, emails, contacts, calendars, account settings and rules between virtually any type of system.


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