This page covers all kinds of assistance we can provide to help your migration project succeed.

Free migration support

  • Our self-service migrations involve free support via email ( or via contact form) or chat
    • Self-service migration allows for a free test migration of the data from the last 10 days
  • For migrations >50 accounts:
    • You can schedule an initial support call (in English or German language) via our support
    • You can receive a number of free voucher codes for testing purposes upon request


Free migration support mainly applies to customers with a direct business contact to us. If you purchased our service via one of our partners, please contact our our partner's support as a first step.

Business support options

Premium support

For larger migrations (>50 accounts) you may book personal support packages. This may involve:

  • Detailed migration process consulting
  • Special upfront testing
  • Personal phone support throughout your migration process
  • Setting up and running the migration on your behalf
  • Special monitoring of your migration
  • Supporting special migration process requirements

Premium support is typically billed based on efforts by hour.

Weekend support

For larger migrations over the weekend, you may book additional weekend support in case you need assistance during that time.

Local deployment

In certain scenarios, our cloud-based self-service migration is not eligible due to bandwidth, connectivity, or compliance reasons. In such cases, we may provide and help you operate an instance of our migration platform on your premises.

On site consulting

We may provide on-site consulting in special cases upon request.

Migration project consulting

We do provide full support including on site meetings and regular phone conferences for the usage of our migration framework within large platform migration projects. audriga may also provide project support in other larger migration projects if eligible.

Note that we typically do not offer migration-related work such as configuring or administrating messaging platforms. We might however recommend trusted partners for such tasks upon requests.

Platform migration

Additional options exist when we support you migrating complete messaging or online storage platforms.

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