This page describes our email migration solutions.

We distinguish the migration of email accounts from the migration of groupware accounts. Please refer to our groupware migration instructions, if you want to migrate data such as contacts, calendars, tasks, or notes besides emails.

We offer solutions for any scale of migration - from a single mailbox to multiple millions of accounts. Please choose the scenario suitable for you:

Type of migration Self-service Assisted Platform
Number of accounts to migrate 1-500 >500 >100.000
Migration driven by User User Service provider
Typical project duration Few hours Few days/weeks Few months
Accessibility of source/destination server[1] via Internet via Internet or restricted via Internet or restricted

Self-service migration

  • You can use our self-service migration tooling instantly - 24h a day, 7 days a week (see also Migrate now).
  • We recommend to review our following guidance - especially if you have not used our service before
  • The best way to use our self-service migration tool depends on the type of email account(s) your are planning to migrate. We distinguish two scenarios:

Assisted migration

Platform migration


  1. Our self-service migration tooling needs to access your servers via the Internet. Get in touch with us to discuss options in case your source or destination server is not reachable via the Internet.

Supported providers and servers

Our service supports most common IMAP-enabled email servers and email services.

Additional protocols supported include POP3. We recommend to contact before using those additional protocols.

For hosters and ISPs

We offer white-labeled versions of our migration service which allows service providers to easily onboard customers.

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